What is Offline Trading?

All the activities of Offline Trading are carried out with the aid of brokers where they help you in the entire process while spending a lot of time. During trading, you will have to call the customer care executive of the brokerage house to do intraday trading or positional trading. You will have to keep calling, again and again, to know the current rate of the stock you have brought and follow till you exit the position. This type of service is liked by people who have little idea about the stocks and just want to trade in the market.

Offline trading will benefit you as it provides you with an opportunity to seek expert advice from the broker, who has immense knowledge about the market and also guide you for buying selling decisions. The offline stock brokers charge more money for the offline trading services provided to you for trading in a stock exchange. Some Brokers also charged you for the calls you make and you too incurred call charges in terms of your phone bills for the phone calls you make to Brokers’s offices. It is good for people who don’t have internet connections and computers to trade in the market. This Offline Trading is also good for people who are busy with other activities or are doing business and cannot sit in front of the trading terminal for the full day.

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