Success is a journey, not a destination.

If we look for examples to prove this quote then we can find many, but there is none like that of HENSEX. Back in the year 2000, four people created history by establishing financial investment services firm HENSEX, which is today known as HENSEX Securities, the fastest growing financial service provider of India.

Success Sutras of Hensex

The success story of Hensex is driven by 8 success sutras adopted by it namely trust, integrity, dedication, commitment, entrepreneurship, hard work, learning, innovation. These are the values that bind success with Hensex Securities.

Vision of Hensex

To achieve and sustain market leadership, Hensex shall aim for complete satisfaction, by combining its technological and human resources, to provide world class quality financial services. In this process Hensex shall strive to meet and exceed customers satisfaction and industry standards.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leading and preferred financial service provider to our customers and we aim to achieve this leadership position by building an innovative, enterprising, low cost and technology driven organization which will set the highest standards of services and business ethics.

Firm Overview

Hensex was established by four people during the year 2000-01 and then its work was confined to proprietary trading and investment only. Later on, it diversified into financial services during the year 2011-12 with a capital of Rs 500 Lakh. Hensex became a known name during the year 2015-16 when it forayed in to financial broking services.

Evolution of Hensex Securities

Hensex Securities, offers you varied financial services, lets you Open a Free Demat Account for Equity Trading, Futures Trading, Commodity Trading, Mutual Fund Investments etc.


It is well said that success is a journey not a destination and we can see it being proved by Hensex. Hensex was founded in the year 2000-2001 in Jodhpur.


Hensex blossomed with the setting up of its first Algotrading strategies during the year 2003-04.


The turning point came in the year 2011-12 when it decided to enter into not only emerging but also the potential field Discount Broking.

It then added the feather of stock broking into its cap. At the same time it became the member of National Stock Exchange (NSE), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodity & Derivative Exchange and then Hensex never looked back. It went on adding services one after another, like dealing into mutual fund investment services. Hence, Hensex Securities provides many financial products at a single window.

Why Should The Investor Go For Hensex

Excellence is next to nothing and here at Hensex everybody tries his/her best to offer excellent services to
its clientele through its offering, maintaining the Hensex culture, which includes:

Controlled and low cost service culture

Hensex is there to serve its client at the minimum possible cost. It controls cost by its various cost cutting techniques and minimization of avoidable cost.

Large Volume Processing Capability

Being discount brokerage services provider, it has the unique distinction of providing services at large scale with minimum cost.

Adherence to strict time schedule

Hensex knows that time is money and tries to best finish the task within the stipulated time schedule.

How Hensex Achieves It?

  1. Professionally managed by qualified and trained man power.
  2. Uniquely structured in house software development.
  3. Query handling within 24 hrs.
  4. Strong support, accounting and audit system.
  5. Unique work culture of working 6 days a week in 2 shift.
  6. Co-operative and experienced Branch Manager.
  7. Low Pricing.

Open a Free Demat Account?

Hensex Securities, Jodhpur lets you Open a Free Demat Account for Equity Trading, Futures Trading, Commodity Trading, Mutual Fund Investments etc.

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