foreign currency derivatives

Foreign Currency Derivatives are the financial contracts between the buyer and seller involving the exchange of two currencies at a future date, and at a stipulated rate.
Currency Derivatives trading is suitable for those interested in reducing their foreign exchange risk, take this opportunity to effectively manage international exchange risk with currency trading.

There are various ways for investors to trade & benefit from them. Investors can use currency derivatives for Hedging, Trading, Arbitrage, and Leverage.

Currency Derivative Offerings

We at HENSEX offer 2 different products. Trader need to use one of

these product codes every time he places a trade through our trading platform.

MIS - Margin Intraday Square Off

MIS product code is used for trading

intraday equity, currencies & commodity, using this products code you will get an intraday leverage between 3 to 5 times. For F&O, the margin required will be 35% and 45 % of total margin required. No margin is provided for buying options. All positions under the MIS product code will get automatically squared off at 3:15 PM for equity derivatives, 4:45 PM for currency derivatives and 11:15 PM for commodity derivatives.

NRML Product Code

NRML product code is used for overnight trading of future and options.

If the client does not want any excess leverage, he can use the product type NRML, and he would not have to worry about auto square-offs.

How to Trade in Foreign Currency Derivatives?

With HENSEX securities you can trade in currency derivatives from your comfort zone using any of our online or offline channel.


It is an internet based platform.


It is a mobile based platform.

Call N Trade

You can Call N Trade using our dealing desk.

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